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      • Types Of Telegram Channels We Promote On Daily Based Promotion


      • Adult




        Dream 11



        & Anytype You Want

      •  TERMS AND CONDITIONS For  Daily Based Promotion [Must Read All Points Before Promotion]

      •  1. Where We Promote Your Channel?

      • 👉 We Promote Your Channel  In Our 1.1 Million Subscriber Base
      •  2. How We Promote?

      • 👉 We promote your telegram private channel link on our channels which is mentioned above for 18 hours in 1 day 👆
      •  3. How many subscribers or buyers you will get on this 18 hours? –  
      •    👉  It varies on every Paid Promotion Because it totally depends upon your channel content. So make your content attractive than you will get more subscribers and buyers. So on that question, I don’t give an approximate answer. Your full results will depend upon your channel content. So don’t blame me if you don’t get enough subscribers or buyers. You are most welcome to try it once if you like our service then book for the second time 😍 
      • 3. Channel Type?

      • 👉 We Promote Only Private Channel If Your Channel Is Public Make It Private.  Click To Watch How to do this.
      • 4. When Your Subscriber Will Increase?

      • 👉After Buying This Plan We Will Book Your Date And Time For Your Channel, After That We Will Give The Promotion Date And Time On Your Telegram Id because we promote one channel for 18 hours in a day. [ This Is not instant promotion, So if you have patience then place order otherwise use subscribers bases promotion plan which is mentioned below 👇. ] 
      • 5. Real Or Fake Subscribers?

      • 👉We Provide Only Real Subscriber because we don’t use any tool for this, We just share your link in our telegram channels interested people join your channel through your channel link.
      • 6. Refund Policy?

      • 👉 No Refund On Anyway, So Think before you place order.
      • 7. After Promotion Will Subscribers Leave Your Channel?

      • 👉 We Provide Only Subscribers, After Promotion It’s Your Responsibility take Care of Your Subscribers And Yes It Will Leave Your Channel If You Don’t Provide Value To Them. But  All Subscriber Will Not Leave, Some Subscriber Will Leave If They Don’t Like Your Content, So Make Your Content Interesting.
      • 8. My channel got Banned on promotion hours or due to promotion 😔

      •  👉 So firstly I’m not responsible if your channel banned by the Telegram team at any time on promotion hours. And I’m not giving you refund if your channel gets banned by Telegram at any circumstance on our paid promotion hours. Because that’s not my fault if any channel post Adult contents or adult images directly or other fraud type contents on the channel than Telegram automatically banned those channels quickly so that’s why I’m telling you ‘that’s not my fault’
      • 9. Can I change my channel private link on promotion hours?

        👉 NO, YOU CAN’T. Because we give your channel private link on photo and on our buttons with our list. If you change your private link on promotion hours than you can’t get any subscribers. Because your previous link will not work at that time. So don’t blame me if you change your channel private link on promotion hours without my permission at any circumstance. So I do advise all my customers every time that, don’t change your channel private link until your paid promotion will end.

        10. Important Tips For Promotion.

        i) Always make sure to give some attractive posts on your channel before start our paid promotion. Because that will help you to get more subscribers or buyers.     

      • ii) Don’t post much on promotion hours (do post 5-6 post on promotion hours). Because on promotion hours you’re getting new subscribers on your channel so if you give much to post on promotion hours than it will irritate your new subscribers and then they will leave your channel. So be careful about it.

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    I am very satisfied with this service, thank you adrino for the best service

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